Ground Mounted System, Ardingly, West Sussex


Installed Capacity : 36kW

Panels : Jinko Tiger All Black 420W

Battery Capacity : 36kWh


This system was installed using the GSE Tray ‘In Roof’ system. This provides a flush finish to the panels and the roof tiles. The process involves removing all of the roof tiles, attaching new battens underneath the panel area. Plastic trays are then installed over the battens and the solar panels then fix to the trays. The tiles are then fitted back around the trays and panels and flashings fitted all around.


The overall appearance of an ‘in roof’ system is more streamlined than a standard ‘on roof’ system. Issues with birds and pests getting under the panels is completely irradiated with the ‘in roof’ system. A more attractive option for your property. On this project we had two new roofs and an older roof. All were able to accommodate the new panels seemlessly.


voltPV are able to arrange a full turnkey solution for in roof systems, we have a specialised roofing subcontractor who will remove and stack in pallets all the tiles to be re-installed elsewhere. Any repairs or relaying of ridge tiles can be carried out giving your roof a new lease of life.