Tesla Powerwall

Whole house backup........

The new Tesla Powerwall 3 has just been announced for release in Autumn 2024 to Tesla Approved Certified Installers!

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Tesla Powerwall 3 offers all the benefits of the Powerwall 2 PLUS up to 11kW of output and direct input for Solar Panels……


Why choose a Tesla Powerwall for your installation?

Powerwall is a compact home battery that stores energy generated by solar or from the grid. You can use this energy to power the devices and appliances in your home day and night, even during outages. With customisable power modes, you can optimise your stored energy for outage protection, electricity bill savings and more.

Tesla Powerwall has 13.5kWh of storage, multiple units can be installed to increase storage capacity. Tesla Powerwall has internal heating and cooling systems allowing the battery to be installed outside in the harshest environments. Powerwall 2 can utilise up to 10no. units in one location. That’s 135kWh of potential storage! Powerwall 3 has a limit of 4no. units per site.

There is a common misconception that Tesla Powerwalls are expensive to buy and install. They are basically the same price as other AC Coupled Batteries but in our view offer greater value due to the first class US build quality, added features (cooling/heating) and the excellent Tesla App.

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With your entire house fully backed up via the Tesla Powerwall Gateway you can be sure that you can carry on whatever the weather. The new ‘Storm Watch’ feature automatically tracks the weather forecast for severe storms and charges your battery in anticipation of long power cuts. Keep you or your guests in the warm and light with a Tesla Powerwall.

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually start with an outline desktop survey looking at the property from an aerial view. We look at the orientation of the roof and it’s suitability for a PV installation. 

For battery storage only we would request a few photos. 

We then produce a quotation which sets out how much energy you could generate and what your likely returns might be on your investment.

If required the scaffold would be installed a couple of days prior to the panels. Installation of the solar kit usually takes a couple of days.

Our lead times vary, please contact us via the contact form and we’ll ensure your installation is carried out as soon as possible.

All electrical works carried out by voltPV are guaranteed for 6 years under the NAPIT Work Guarantee Scheme. Details can be found on the NAPIT website by clicking here.

We are based near Uckfield in East Sussex and cover all of Sussex and Kent, parts of Surrey and South East London from Erith around to Wimbledon. Get in contact today.

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